Why You Should Work With A Certified Professional Yacht Broker

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While many yacht sales professionals do their best to put their clients first and ensure they’re operating at the highest service level possible, working with a Certified Professional Yacht Broker can bring your transaction to a whole new level. In 2000, the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA) used its annual conference to discuss the development of an industry-wide yacht broker certification program, which the industry did not have at the time. The YBAA started designing the program in the spring of that year with two goals in mind: raise the professional image of yacht brokers with the boating public and set an appropriate standard for professional behavior. In 2002, the CPYB program was introduced and now, in 2021, there is a large, cohesive network of well qualified and reputable yacht broker professionals working together throughout the United States. In order to create a standard for the industry, the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) program was born. 




Certification Sets You Apart

Among other criteria, becoming a Certified Professional Yacht Broker requires the candidate to have spent a minimum of 1 year working in the industry full-time before applying, followed by passing a rigorous 3hr examination prior to receiving certification. This certification demonstrates a broker’s commitment to excellence, that their knowledge has been tested and verified, and signals to the client that their business practices are held to the highest standard. Certified Brokers also required to participate in continuous education to stay current with the industry’s best practices and trends.   


Networking is Key


By working with a Certified Professional Yacht Broker, the client not only gains a knowledgeable yacht sales professional, but they also gain access to the broker’s large network of industry professionals that operate with the same high business standards such as marine surveyors and trusted insurance agents. From alerting each other of a new boat that’s on the market, to helping broker a sale between states, this network has proved to be invaluable for our team here at Islandside Yacht Sales and to our clients. 


We Put The Client First


While there are a multitude of reasons that make working with a CPYB an important part of buying or selling your vessel, our team feels the most important is the commitment to putting our client first. Being a Certified Professional Yacht Broker signifies that we follow a strict code of ethics in addition to our high business standards. Everything that we do is to benefit you, the client. It’s our job to take the stress out of the process. By taking care of all of the negotiations and paperwork for you, you should trust that your broker is doing everything with your best interest in the forefront. After all, it’s our responsibility to work for you, not just with you. 


We love working with our clients to create a relationship with them and to truly serve as a resource, throughout the buying or selling process. Please take a look at the key points that make working with a Certified Professional Yacht Broker special, and then give our team a call! We can’t wait to get you out on the water!


Experience & Validity 

The CPYB designation is earned by eligible yacht sales professionals, who, after serving a  minimum of three years as a full-time professional, have successfully completed a  comprehensive written examination to validate professional competency. 

Continuing Education 

A CPYB is committed to their personal and professional development through continuing education, as mandated for CPYB recertification every three years. 

Ethics & Standards 

A CPYB adheres to, and is accountable to, a nationally recognized Code of Business Ethics  and conducts yacht sales transactions in accordance with a stringent set of industry standards of practice. 

Fiduciary Responsibility 

A CPYB maintains a dedicated escrow/trust account to protect their client’s funds. A CPYB understands their fiduciary responsibility and obligations with respect to client funds. 

Transaction Management 

A CPYB uses proven, industry-recognized transaction documents, which fully and clearly describe all terms and conditions of a transaction. 

Honesty & Integrity 

A CPYB maintains the highest standards of professionalism, acting with honesty and integrity. 

Trust & Confidence 

A CPYB instills confidence, trust, and consistency in all transactions involving fellow yacht sales professionals, for the benefit of the client.